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Burn Valley Vineyard

  Burn valley vineyard was set up in 2015 near the coast in north west Norfolk and In early December Slow Food Anglia members finally got the chance to visit the winery and vineyard and meet Samantha who together with her sister Laura and other members of her family own and run this new wine venture. The vineyard which was planted in late 2015 and the new winery which was only built last summer lies in a beautiful valley near the village of North Creake in Norfolk and even though this family run business has only been in existence for less than four years it already produces an excellent white wine, a lovely red and also recently small amounts of rose wine. There are nine different grape varieties grown at Burn Valley including Pinot Noir, Rondo, Bacchus and early Pinot and these have proved to be perfect for the soil type and micro climate in the valley. Blending the different varieties together to produce and excellent finished wine is always the most important part of wine

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