Slow Food Anglia and Italian school project

In early October we were invited by Ugo Pazzi the President of Slow Food Marche to visit an Italian school in the town of Macerata to meet the staff and children.
The school is the Instituto san Giuseppe a private institution run as a cooperative by the parents in the Italian region of Marche in the east of Italy, with the 220 children attending the school from the ages of 4 to 14 when they then move on to high school.
The Instituto San Giuseppe cooperative school in Macerata prides itself on the quality of teaching and the wide range of subjects it teaches, and as well as normal academic subjects it also concentrates on food and diet, including growing some of the food that they use in their kitchens
It offers children a wide range of non academic work too, including pottery, weaving, theatre, design, dance, fencing and many other diverse subjects and also feel it very important to teach of English to the children from an early age.

The San Guiseppe school dates back to 1922 with the current scholastic set up from 1994 with further changes to the management structure in 2001 which has brought a much enhanced teaching.
The team at the school are very keen to work on projects with other schools from outside of Italy and they are very pleased to be in touch with us in East Anglia through the President of the Slow Food group in Marche.
Slow Food Marche in Italy are very proactive and work with many schools and educational bodies in the Marche region to promote good clean food and to set up projects in school about growing their own food and diet.
Slow Food Anglia will be contacting schools in our region who might be interested in taking part in this exciting project and please do get in touch if you might be interested in being part of the Anglia team working with this excellent small Italian school.


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