Cambridge University and Slow Food Anglia

Taking up a long standing invitation saw several of our Slow Food Anglia members visit Cambridge University to discuss the opening of a new Slow Food Group in Cambridge and to start on plans to organise projects that would actively involve students at the University and also members of the public in Cambridge and the surrounding area. We were first given a tour of one of the colleges and also a talk by one of the college staff on the history of the University and the current activities they are involved with which might be of interest to us in the Slow Food movement in East Anglia. The University would prove a perfect place for any new Slow Food group in the City and we are very pleased that we will be involved with projects, events and festivals to be held there both this year and in coming years ahead.

Slow Food has had an important and vibrant presence in the city of Cambridge for many years and the local Slow Food group was flourishing until just a few years ago when unfortunately several of the key members moved from the area and others because of their work could no longer allow time to concentrate on organising events and projects in the City. But many of the original Cambridge group members have carried on with their membership of Slow Food but at the moment are part of the larger Slow Food Anglia group in our region. Slow Food Anglia feels it is very important to have a dedicated group in Cambridge so we are working with several of the students at the University and also with some of the original Slow Food group members to reopen a new Cambridge group this spring.

We are also now working with other organisations in both Cambridge and the east of England to promote small local food producers promote their produce to the public and also artisan food producers from other parts of Europe who may wish to take part in our events and festivals. Slow Food Anglia are also pleased to be working with the well known international ITMAW organisation to help promote joint events in East Anglia, initially these events will mainly be held in Cambridge but plans are to include other major towns and cities in the region later this year and in 2017. ITMAW are now working with us on several exciting projects promoting artisan producers and also on our first joint a Slow Food Anglia food and drink festival which will be held in one of the historic colleges at Cambridge University later this year.


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