Slow Food at Tasting Sicily in London

Slow Food Anglia has been invited to take part in an exciting food event and product launch along with Slow Food London at an event at the Tasting Sicily restaurant near Haymarket in central London on Tuesday 2nd May.
Tasting Sicily is a Sicilian company and restaurant chain that uses produce mainly sourced from Slow Food producers in Sicily and is closely involved with Slow Food Sicilia, and through this connection has been involved with Slow Food festivals and events with Slow Food Anglia in the past two years, including taking part in our festivals in Colchester each autumn.
We will be taking part in an event promoting Sicilian sea water and later in the evening there will be a special Mediterranean style meal prepared especially at the restaurant at which Slow Food members in London and East Anglia are invited to come and take part.

Tasting Sicily and Enzo's Kitchen has only been opens since before Christmas 2016 and they pridce themselves with the fine produce they use from Sicily and through their close contacts with Slow Food groups on that beautiful Island. They are now business members of Slow Food London and will be working closely with Slow Food both in London and across the UK to promote the ethos and ideals of Slow Food to the wider public.
Enzo also came to Malta last October and cooked at the first Slow Food Mediterranean conference, tasting Sicily supplied the produce that was used and the conference was held in cooperation with Italian Slow Food groups and also Slow Food Anglia.
As part of the event the new bottled Sicilian sea water, Aquamaris, will be launched to the press and Slow Food members assembled at the restaurant and members and chefs from Slow Food Anglia will be present on the day.


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