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Slow Food Anglia at Thornage Hall

Slow Food Anglia were pleased to be asked to take part at the annual fund raising event at Thornage Hall in north Norfolk, we were invited after we had members of the Thornage Hall team at out festival at Holkham Hall last November.
Thornage Hall is a Camphill community, Camphill communities were established as communities that are based on an ethical foundation that recognises the uniqueness of individuals and seeks to respect, value and enhance the strengths and potential in everyone.
The Hall was originally built in 1482 and was the former Grange of the Bishop of Norwich, the grounds were very close by the village of thornage and extended to just over 70 acres.
The Hall was gifted to the Camphill community in the 1980's and the community was finally established in 1989 and now works closely with Freebridge community housing.

Thornage Hall is today and independent charity which provides a living, work and learning facilities for adults with learning disabilities and also works cl…

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