Slow Food Anglia Approved member, Taylor's Smokery

Taylors Smokery was set up by Chris Taylor earlier this year, he had been catching fish and cold smoking trout for over 10 years and decided to turn his passion into a professional business after his retirement from the Police service.
Slow food Anglia were contacted by Chris earlier this year and we met him in Norwich where we found out about his new business and the wonderful product he was now offering to the public in Norfolk. Once Chris learnt more about our work and aims at Slow Food Anglia and also the Slow food group in Norwich he decided to join us and has been an active member ever since.
Chris has been an avid fly fisherman for over 25 years, fishing rivers and lakes in both the UK and in Ireland and has been chair of the Fly Fishing Club for nearly 15 years and we are very pleased to have Chris as one of our members in Slow Food Anglia.

Chris Taylor became a member of Slow Food Anglia earlier this year and Taylors Smokery is also one of our Approved scheme business members, which is only open to businesses in East Anglia that fit the ethical guidelines of the Slow Food organisation both in England and Internationally.
Chris has been a very active supporter of  Slow Food Anglia and we are pleased to have him involved with several festivals and projects we are planning in both Norwich and throughout the Anglia region in 2016.
Slow Food Anglia is currently working in collaboration with Slow Food Norwich on the Sustainable Fish City initiative for the city of Norwich, we hope to have Taylors Smokery as one of the first businesses to sign up to the project which is also supported by Norwich City council and we currently plan to have the initial part of the project completed in early 2016.

The smoked trout that Chris produces at Taylors Smokery has a slightly more delicate flavour than the more available smoked salmon and is in many ways less overpowering than some smoked salmon can be to a dish.
Processing the trout is by cold smoking the fish over oak wood shavings and then is frozen on the day when vacuum packed.The trout is rod and line caught and should be eaten within a few days when fresh or when defrosted if purchased frozen, also it should not be kept more than three months if frozen.
Chris already sells his smoked trout in London and also increasingly to the local public in Norfolk, he has recently started selling at local markets and festivals in and around Norwich and we hope to have Chris take part in the first Slow Food food and drink festival in Norwich next April and also at other Slow Food events we will be holding both in East Anglia and also in London toward the end of next year.


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